Links for Dec 20: WTF edition

More Tim O’Reilly for you….
Narrative as Destiny: Steering Markets and Innovation to Serve Society

Tim O’Reilly, founder and publisher of O’Reilly Media, technology thought leader, and investor known to many as the “conscience of Silicon Valley,” brings a lens of storyteller to explore the role of technology and economics in today’s marketplace. In his many-worlds approach to the innovation multiverse, it is not simply technology that determines our future; the stories we tell about those developments also shape our destiny. Discussing his new book, WTF: What’s the Future and Why It’s Up To Us, and asking the essential question, “Who gets what and why?” O’Reilly looks at such fundamental issues as whether our basic model of growth in the old capitalist economy is the best one for society, and what the changing nature of tech platforms could mean for consumers and the economy if we had more wisdom to steer it.

A Decade of Stagnation, Why?
What explains the slow recovery from the financial crisis and great recession in so much of the world?

Some great ideas here:
– The nature of bank lending, interaction with real estate, Positional goods, Ecological limits, Decline of leisure time, Inequality

Roger McNamee On Being In The Right Place At The Right Time (And Making The Most Of It)

Update: Article Roger McNamee wrote recently: I was Mark Zuckerberg’s mentor. Today I would tell him: your users are in peril

Roger McNamee is one of the most successful technology investors of all time. While running the T. Rowe Price Science & Technology Fund, and generating a 17% compound average growth rate in the process, Roger made the unheard of move of committing capital, as a mutual fund manager, to venture investments in Electronic Arts and Sybase. From there, he started the industry’s first crossover fund with John Doer, investing in both late-stage venture capital and public market securities. In March of 2000, he co-founded private equity firm Silver Lake Partners in anticipation of the tech bust and, in 2004, founded Elevation Partners where he would become one of the first investors in Facebook and other nascent tech stars. In this episode, Roger shares what made him so successful as an investor, how music saved his life and why he has shifted his focus today from investing in tech to warning of the rising risks tech giants present to democracy and society.